Residential Services

Quantum Link Networks offers packages designed to stream all your favorite music, movies and shows with fast, reliable in-home internet service. We offer fast and reliable connections at an affordable price. No data caps, no throttling after using too much data. With plans starting at up to 50 mbps, you can stream the newest 4k content without buffering.

50/15 Mbps – $72.95/mo
100/25 Mbps – $119.95/mo
Want more? Contact us and let us know your needs.
Want less? Contact us and find out about our low tier plans.

Typical usage from common services:
You probably don’t need as much speed as you think.

Web page loading: 2 Seconds at 8 Mbps (typical)
Netflix 1080p HD: 5 Mbps
Netflix UHD 4k: 25 Mbps
Youtube: 1-25 Mbps
Gaming: 0.5 Mbps
Skype: 1.5 Mbps

Example Customer Endpoint Equipment: